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Golf Photography
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We specialize in original Golf Photography. We are a network of golf photographers based around the USA and frequently travel around the world. We love the game, just like you. We photograph and make videos of golf courses, golf products, events and professionals. We have prints available and a portion of profits help support golf charities.



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  • Golf Course Photography
  • Golf Product Photography
  • Aerial Golf Photography
  • Social Media Golf Photography Solutions 
  • Golf Portraits
  • Golf Videography
  • Golf Event Photography
  • Stock Photos
  • Drone Flyover Videography



    Golf course photography

    Original Golf Course Photography is necessary for advertising, social media, displays, website and for booking services such as GolfNow. 

    One of the main reasons this business was formed was because we kept finding terrible golf course photography. Actually - horrible, horrendous and atrocious. Don't trust your amateur golf photography buddy with your visual marketing and advertising collateral.  It will do more harm than good. Get serious about what the public, members and potential members see. 

    We want to photograph your golf course or golf academy.  We are able to photograph all holes, signature holes, amenities, aerials and branding. Ideally, one of our photographers will spend 2 days photographing each golf course. Our needs are usually pretty simple, a cart, ladder and a shot list. We yield to golfers and are mostly unseen. 

    One of the great joys of being a golf photographer is to make photos of a golf course with a small budget and bad existing photography and turn their world upside down with world class photography. Their social media feeds are more engaged, pro shops are selling more products and more tee times are being booked.

    We'd love to hear about your golf course photography project, email us today. There's no golf course project to big or small.



    • Private and Public Golf Courses
    • Resorts
    • Photography and Videography
    • Advertising, marketing, website, press uses
    • Free quote
    • We can work directly with tee time booking agencies
    • Discounts for multiple courses



    Golf Product photography

    We want to photograph your golf product! We're able to photograph any golf product, including carts, tees, tee markers, balls, apparel, gadgets, grips, shoes, clubs, gloves, shafts in a studio or on location. Ship it to us and we'll handle the rest. Yamaha shipped us a golf car and Lee Trevino!  We can put your product on green screen and let our designers do the rest.

    We love to work with golf manufacturers, entrepreneurs, advertising agencies, CEO's, public relations and sales reps to help your visualization come to fruition.  

    Furnish your reps and dealers with photos that drive traffic, get noticed and move product.

    State of the art cameras and lighting assure your product will look its best.  You'll love our high resolution file delivery system. Golf videography of your product is also available, and perfect for social media, displays, website or TV. 

    A monthly subscription service is also available.  Send us your product(s), and we'll ship it to our top photographers around the country.  We can supply 15 photos per month for usage on social media.    Pricing starts at $599 with a one year contract. *Depending on size, weight and other measures, not all products qualify.

    We'll be at the 2019 Merchandise Show in January if you want to schedule a meeting.

    Let's hear about your product!



    • On location, studio or green screen
    • All golf products
    • Photography and Videography
    • Advertising, marketing, website, press uses
    • Ship your product to our Orlando studio
    • Monthly subscription service available for social media usage

    Social Media content


    Social Media golf photography

    Falling behind on your social media?  Tired of stock photos? Spreading the responsibility of social media across your golf staff is most likely not working. Let us help. We'll arrange for a golf photographer to drop by once a month at a *discounted rate. By doing so, we'll build up a gallery of 15-20 usable photos per month for social media and web usage.  Social media can greatly contribute to the steady increase in your golf business. Social media attracts new customers and is essential for building brand awareness. 

    Golf Photography Ideas for this service:

    Golf photography. Beer, wine, food photography. Golf announcements. Branded golf merchandise.  Pro shop photos. Action photos. Lifestyle photos. Wedding setups. Exterior photos. Sunrise / sunsets. Staff accolades. Member appreciation. Course conditions. Golf course beauties. Upgrades.  Golf instruction and instructor promotion.  Golf Amenities. Branded Signage. Interiors & Exteriors. Menu updates. Golf rate updates. 

    Uses for this Golf Photography service:

    Special offers. Marketing an outing. Announcing golf events. Supporting charities. Golf photos with real estate in background. Merchandise sales. Updated staff portraits. Venue marketing for outings, weddings and corporate functions. Golf Instruction marketing. Updated photos for Google, Yelp, GolfNow, Instagram, Facebook, website gallery, email blasts,  and more.

    If you need help with hashtags, we can do that too. 



    • Currently offered throughout Florida, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Hilton Head, Atlanta, Phoenix, Charlotte, D.C., Boston, San Diego

    • Updated third party tee time photos
    • Consistent Instagram / Facebook photography
    • Updated website photography
    • *Pricing starts at $599/mo with one year contract
    • Essentially a professional photographer on staff
    • Possible guest photographers with massive followers
    • Content pushed out to media and blogs



    Golf Course Flyovers

    Golf course flyover drone photography and videography are a great way to showcase a golf property.

    Drones take golf photography and video to the next level. Before we can fly for your project, we'll have to make sure the location is safe with the FAA.  Our drone pilots are licensed and insured. We'll want to make sure the conditions are conducive for flying and plan accordingly.

    Drones offer a never before seen view of a golf course. We like to fly when the sun is low to create dramatic shadows and texture. We take advantage of hole direction, tree lines and geography for the most visual photos and video. We're able to fly close to a golf course or back off to show nearby real estate, beaches, mountains, lakes, rivers or other features and amenities.




    Golf course Drones

    • Photography

    • Videography

    • Free Quote




    golf Event photography

    Hire photographers to capture your golf event. We have photographed amateur and professional tournaments, charity events, corporate outings, buddies trips, trade shows and much more. Contact us for a free quote. We work alongside golf tournament organizers, corporate event planners and celebrity agents. Let our staff deliver photos and video for you to share on social media, websites and with attendees. 



    • Trade Shows

    • Charity Events

    • Celebrity Appearances
    • Corporate Outings
    • Buddies Trips
    • Free Quote
 was referred to me by two colleagues in the golf industry. Our golf event received great coverage and a business relationship was created. Our participants loved the photos we supplied to them.”
    — Dick O'Connor - Maritz

    Working with our Golf Photography Experts

    What is being photographed? How many images do you need?  Is your deadline "yesterday??" Is the product confidential? On the opposite side, do you need help sharing it with the world? Can we see examples of the product? Do you have a style in mind? 

    Once we know your golf photography needs, we'll do the rest. 


    Golf Photogrphy Licensing

    We'll want to know how the photos and video are being used. 

    Are they for international ads? Billboards in a small market? Trade show booths? Social media? Website? Video? Magazine? Retail packaging? 

    When reading through your job details, we're already thinking of the best match for your assignment.  The right photographer, lighting, timing, location, equipment blueprint to deliver results.  But don't worry about that, it's our job. 


    A golf photographer or golf product is traveling. 

    Are you shipping your product to our studio? Are we coming to your golf course, event or golf academy? Are we firing up the helicopter? Drone? Photography travel and related expenses are billed at cost. 


    Golf Video

    Just because we're a golf photographer network, don't think for a second we don't know the best golf videographers in the business.  We routinely work with them. Budgets vary. We're on the same team and can provide a quote for your next golf project.


    Golf Photo and Video Delivery

    Once we've created, we upload high resolution photos to a password protected website for your convenience, where they can live forever. 


    We want to hear about your upcoming Golf photography project.