Social Media Golf Photography Ideas

Falling behind on your social media at your golf course?  Here's a Social Media Golf Photography shot list to help get energized.  Tired of stock photos? Social media can greatly contribute to the steady increase in your golf business. Social media attracts new customers and is essential for building brand awareness. 

We've created a golf photography and videography shot list for you. The photos should tell a story about your course, staff, history and location. Make sure to use hashtags when necessary.

Golf Course Photography and Videography Tips and Ideas:

  1. Golf course photography. First or last light is best.
  2. Beer, wine, food photography.  Get close. Get low. Get near a window.
  3. Branded golf merchandise.  Balls, hats, bags, shirts, ball markers, head covers.
  4. Pro shop photos. If the pro shop is full, back up and show it off. If thin, get close and start arranging your favorite products.
  5. Action photos of players. Bunker shots are always a favorite.
  6. Lifestyle photos. People enjoying the amenities.
  7. Wedding and venue setups. Details of a place setting, gazebo, entire rooms
  8. Sunrise / sunsets. Get low for a great silhouette!
  9. Staff accolades. Ken has been our superintendent for how many years?
  10. Member celebrations. Hole in Ones or a big win!
  11. Course conditions. Wow, not many people have seen snow on the course! 
  12. Upgrades.  Installing something to make the range a better place?
  13. Golf instruction and instructors.  -We know how to fix that hook.
  14. Golf Amenities. Putting greens, range, concierge.
  15. Branded Signage. Tough to see from the street? Show potential visitors your signage.
  16. Interiors. Entryway, gym, historic photos, 19th hole.
  17. Exteriors. Clubhouse, foliage, animals, signage, valet.
  18. MenuPhotograph that menu!
  19. Other golf course amenities. Gym? Pool? Sauna? 

Uses for this Golf Photography

Storytelling, Storytelling & Storytelling.  Special offers. Marketing an outing. Announcing golf events. Supporting charities. Golf photos with real estate in background. Merchandise sales. Hole in One celebrations. Updated staff portraits. Venue marketing for outings, weddings and corporate functions. Golf Instruction lessons. Updated photos for Google, Yelp, GolfNow, Instagram, Facebook, website gallery, email blasts, menu updates. golf rate updates and more. Don't forget about those hashtags!

Golf Product Photography and Videography Ideas:

Details of the product. Get really close. Show stitching or only a section of the product.

The entire product. Photographed on the course, at home or in a studio.

In action.  Dont be afraid to get dirty. 

Being worn: How does it look when someone is using it?

Being held: If it's a small product, have someone hold it for scale.

Smiling:  How does the product make the user feel?  This is most important to show in all content.

Geography:  Does the product come from a particular region?  Let's show its origins.

Endorsement: Can we add a quote or VIP user to the photos or video?

Is the product handmade?  Visit the craftsman for details of hands working, machines engineering and portraits of people creating.

If you have ideas to add, contact us.

Cy Cyr